Choose the Right Kind of Interior Doors for Your Home

The doors inside of your home deserve just as much consideration as any of the exterior doors. It is always important to remember that the doors within your home can help to keep rooms warm, privacy respected, add to its overall design, and boost the value of your home. There are many different kinds of … Continued

What are Glass Lite Doors?

When shopping for a door, you may hear the term “lite” or “glass lites” used frequently. But what are these lites? What do they do? And how can they improve your door? Glass lites are, in essence, the glass window panes that can be installed in a door. These are most typically used for exterior … Continued

All About Knotty Alder Wood

Knotty Alder wood has a very long and distinguished history. From the foundation of Venice to brand new front doors, alder has always been a prized choice by those working with wood. Alder trees are deciduous, which means that every year they grow new leaves throughout spring and summer, and when fall comes, the leaves … Continued

Incorporating Rustic Elements Into Your Home

A rustic home can be exceedingly comfortable and have a wonderful down-to-earth feel. You may find that homes built in wooded areas or more rugged terrain tend to have rustic designs, from log cabins to furs on the floors. Incorporating rustic elements into a home that was not built for a rustic design can seem … Continued

Where Did the Craftsman Style Originate?

There are moments when you see a door and wonder just how its design came about. Why does it look that way? Who decided a particular look was stylish? And then, of course, there is the one thought that might pop in now and then; “Can I get a door that looks like that?” The … Continued

Different Styles of Knotty Alder Doors

Alder is a gorgeous wood that can be the ideal choice for your new door. Its grain pattern is similar to cherry wood and its soft colors can have a fantastic range, such as reddish-brown to a honey tone. Knotty alder wood has a more rustic style and charm to it, making it a popular … Continued

Choosing Rustic Mountain Style Doors For Your Home

You may have spent hours coming up with the perfect design for your home or cabin. You probably obsessed over exterior details on a grand scale. Now it’s time to choose your entry door. Not ready? It’s an intimidating decision, and one most people don’t even consider at the outset, but lots of thought should … Continued

Beautiful Rustic Doors Add Charm

Certain homes are able to include certain types of doors. Rustic doors are definitely the type that requires a specific house in order to match up properly. Otherwise the door may look a bit out of place. But if you do have a house that speaks of nature and rustic beauty, then a rustic door … Continued

Rustic Cabinets 101

Mention the phrase “rustic cabinet” to someone and they might think of old cabinets made out of roughly hewn slabs of wood. Nothing fancy; just a mountain man spot in the woods with a few cans of food inside. But for others, the idea of rustic cabinets is a dream come true. This is because … Continued

Why Rustic is the Equivalent of Cozy

What is it that makes a house cozy? And why is it that some homes are cozier than others? It is well worth noting that while only some people may feel comfortable in a modern style home with minimal furniture and artistic architecture, almost everyone is comfortable when it comes to snuggling in a big … Continued