Alder is a gorgeous wood that can be the ideal choice for your new door. Its grain pattern is similar to cherry wood and its soft colors can have a fantastic range, such as reddish-brown to a honey tone. Knotty alder wood has a more rustic style and charm to it, making it a popular choice. The knots tend to vary when it comes to size and shape, but the knots are one of the many things that make alder a wood full of character.

There are several different styles of knotty alder doors that you can choose from. Raised panel doors are simple, yet make for an elegant solution to your door needs. A raised panel door features two solid wood raised panels with beveled sticking. Hardwood dowel construction means you can feel confident about its composition, and the engineered LVL core stiles are covered with a 1/8-inch thick veneer. In this fashion, the door isn’t heavy, yet still maintains a good solidity that any interior door ought to have. Choose from a top rail arch or a square top rail.

Plank style knotty alder doorThe plank version of the knotty alder door has a similar design to the panel door, but instead transforms the raised panels into a plank look. You can still expect the same construction, core, veneer, and top rail choices. The panels simply have V-grooves etched into them for a new appearance that may better suit your home or particular taste.

The craftsman style door can provide your home with another look if you so choose. Instead of two basic panels, it has an overall craftsman style with three solid wood panels that have square sticking. But just like the others, it includes engineered LVL core stiles with a veneer for a beautiful finished look.

You can also order your doors as pre-hung to help with easy installation. Don’t forget to choose your hardware as well. Any number of different knobs and locksets can match with knotty alder doors, so it’s all up to you and what you want your design to say. One of your toughest choices may actually be whether or not to make any changes to your knotty alder door. Keep in mind that alder takes stain very well, so you have more options when it comes to color. The manufacturing company should also offer you high quality protective coats for your doors to ensure that they remain strong and look beautiful inside your home for years to come.

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