For generations our craftsmen have created the finest quality, most beautiful doors. Our doors are made in the U.S.A., with Knotty Alder lumber sourced from responsibly managed forests in the western U.S. And, our products are covered by an industry leading Warranty.

Learn about our craftsmanship, including:

Engineered Stiles and Rails

Stiles and rails are the vertical and horizontal “frame” components, respectively, of the door. Our stiles and rails are engineered to resist bowing and warping. We use industry-leading 1/8″ thick veneers, with superior quality TimberStrand® Laminated Strand Lumber (LSL) core material. The top rails of all Top Rail Arch doors are solid wood.

Engineered Component, with LSL Core (1-3/8” Thick Doors)
Door Cutaway, Engineered Stiles and Rails with LSL Core and Solid Panels

Solid Panels

Panels are the large, wider boards that fill the space between the stiles and rails. Our panels are solid wood—much higher quality than pressboard panels with thin veneers, or hollow core panels found on lower quality imports. Panels are manufactured with small width boards, edge glued to create the larger width panel. Individual boards are random widths, glued in alternating grain patterns to balance the panel and reduce the natural tendency of the wood to warp or cup.

Bore and Dowel Construction

Our doors are assembled with bore and dowel construction. We use industry-leading 1/2″ diameter dowels. Stiles and rails are bored, glued, and then doweled for optimum strength and stability. Panels fit into grooves in the stile and rail components, and “float” on rubber spacers to allow for minor expansion and shrinking of the wood with the natural moisture and environmental changes of the home.

Bore & Dowel Construction
Bore and Dowel Construction

Panel and Sticking Profiles

“Sticking” is the decorative trim wood placed between the stiles and rails and the panels of the door. Our panel and plank doors feature a notched and gradual bevel panel profile and a beveled sticking profile. Plank doors also include “V-grooves” cut into the panels. Our Craftsman style doors (also called “Arts & Crafts” or Shaker style) include square sticking and flat panels. Glass doors (1-Lite) have 1/4” thick clear, single glaze (SG) tempered glass.

Profile: 1-3/8” Raised Panel Doors
Profile: Raised Panel Doors
Profile: 1-3/8” Plank Doors
Profile: Plank Doors
Profile: 1-3/8” Craftsman Doors
Profile: Craftsman Doors
Profile: 1-3/8” Glass (Lited) Doors
Profile: Glass (Lited) Doors


A pre-hung door consists of a door hung on hinges and assembled in a wood frame with a door stop (the frame is also called the door “jamb”). A pre-hung door is ready to install in the door opening, with no on-site assembly required. This reduces construction time and scheduling, lowering project cost. If the pre-hung door is also pre-finished, this further reduces steps and cost in the construction process.

In addition to manufacturing the highest quality door slabs, we also offer optional pre-hanging of the doors. Factory pre-hanging ensures that hinge pockets are mortised square and precise, and that hinges are always flush on the door and frame. Hinges are included in the price of pre-hanging and are available in a selection of color choices. Boring and latch/dead bolt mortising are also provided at no additional cost with factory pre-hanging. A choice of single or double bore options are available in different “backset” positions (the placement of the handle or lockset from the door edge). Factory pre-hanging also ensures that the “reveal” (the small gap between the door and the jamb, when the door is closed) is always correct.

Pre-Hung Doors

Pre-Hung Interior Door, Single Bore (Optional)
Pre-Hung Door, Single Bore (Optional)
Pre-Hung Interior Door, Flat Jamb
Pre-Hung Door, Flat Jamb
Pre-Hung Interior Door, Flat Jamb
Pre-Hung Door, Flat Jamb
Pre-Hung Interior Door
Pre-Hung Door
Pre-Hung Interior Door
Pre-Hung Door
Pre-Hung Interior Door
Pre-Hung Door
To learn more about our pre-hanging options and choices, select Pre-Hanging from the main menu.


Factory pre-finishing is a hallmark of our company. Our pre-finishing experience began over 30 years ago, and our finishes are renowned in the door industry. We offer the highest quality factory-applied stains, glazes, and topcoats—available in 29 color options. Our pre-finishes are “fine furniture” quality, providing much higher quality and lower cost than on-site painting. And our pre-finished products are ready to install, further adding value by reducing time and cost in the construction process. The advantages of our factory pre-finishing include:

  • A minimum of 30 minutes per door hand-sanding—ensuring grain closure and perfect preparation prior to finishing
  • Top quality catalyzed conversion varnish systems (similar to high-end pre-finished cabinets and fine furniture)
  • Proprietary stain formulas created specifically for our manufacturing environment and applied using HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) and air-assisted spray guns—ensuring even tones with no blotchiness
  • A “clean room,” dust-free environment not achievable on the jobsite—preventing small dust and dirt particles from settling on the product before drying
  • Six-sided coating on doors, providing moisture seal on all sides, preventing warping, and increasing our door Warranty from one year to five years

To learn more about our pre-finishing options and choices, select Pre-Finishing from the main menu. Please note that pre-finish colors illustrated on computer screens may not exactly match the actual pre-finished colors of the doors. We assume no liability for such color discrepancies and encourage buyers to request color samples from Sun Mountain to ensure satisfaction.

Crating & Shipping

All orders are shipped direct to the home or jobsite in sturdy crating. Single door units are shipped pre-hung (as applicable), ready to install. Pre-hung double doors are shipped “Knocked Down” (or KD) and must be re-assembled prior to installation. Freight and crate charges are calculated based upon volume (door count) and are assessed at the time of check out.

Crating Pre-hung Doors
Crating Pre-hung Doors