You may have spent hours coming up with the perfect design for your home or cabin. You probably obsessed over exterior details on a grand scale. Now it’s time to choose your entry door. Not ready? It’s an intimidating decision, and one most people don’t even consider at the outset, but lots of thought should actually go into your choice. Sure, your door has to keep out the wind and rain while fending off intruders and pesky neighbors, but it also has to make an amazing first impression. If your entire theme, though, is rustic, there’s really only one way to go – mountain-style. What should you look for as you start to shop? Here are a few guidelines that can help.

Mountain Style DoorsRaised Panels: Many mountain-style doors have raised panels that help give them a sense of rustic elegance. A door really can be the centerpiece of a home, and choosing one with raised panels will enhance that rustic look you want to complete. While this is a fairly traditional step, you can also find lots of unique options with a modern twist in this category.

Thickness: Mountain-style doors come in varying thicknesses, as any door might. The standard, though, for exterior door is 1-3/4-inch thickness, so if you need something else, it might be best to look into customized options that will better meet your needs.

Right Handed or Left: Mountain-style doors, just like many other door styles, come in both right and left handed styles, and the right one for you depends very much on your home or cabin. If you’re not entirely sure which might be best or which one your new place demands, be sure to talk to your contractor before you make a final decision.

Don’t Forget the Hardware: No mountain-style door would be complete without the right hardware, and you’re going to have a difficult time selecting this because there’s so much to choose from. While iron hardware is certainly going to look the most rustic, there are lots of other options that will help to enhance your entryway, too. Bronze also makes an amazing choice, while brushed pewter will give you a modern edge. The key as you select the right hardware is to envision it on the door before you make a selection.

Mountain-style doors are the perfect way to enhance your front entryway, and they’re certain to give your home or cabin the curb appeal you’re looking for. With a bit of planning, you can select the perfect one to meet your needs.

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