A rustic home can be exceedingly comfortable and have a wonderful down-to-earth feel. You may find that homes built in wooded areas or more rugged terrain tend to have rustic designs, from log cabins to furs on the floors. Incorporating rustic elements into a home that was not built for a rustic design can seem a bit tricky, but it isn’t impossible. In fact, with the right ideas and a keen eye, you can give your home a rustic edge that will get you compliments from everyone that walks through your door.

In fact, a door is a perfect way to start your transition to rustic. Doors are the gateways to our homes, and how they look and the way people perceive them can say a lot about what they expect on the inside and how they feel before entering. When looking for a rustic door, you will still have to take into account the outside of your home. A great way to get a better idea of what door will look good with your home is to take a quality picture of your house and then superimpose various images of rustic doors over your current front door. From knotty wood to rustic door designs, finding the right door can get you in the mood for a more rustic home.

Hardwood flooring is also one of the keys to a rustic home. If your current floors are hardwood, perhaps just a bit of extra TLC can really get them looking fantastic. Installing new hardwood floors is also a possibility and can really brighten up your home as well as add to the overall design. Make sure to choose rustic wood options, such as lower grade woods with a lot of variation in grain, knots, and coloring.

You can also help transform your home by utilizing smaller items and design concepts. From incorporating more wood, perhaps a bit of wrought iron, nature-inspired decorations and fixtures, moulding, and other things, you can introduce more of the outside to your home’s inside. See if you can find ways to invite in more light as well. Many rustic homes utilize windows to their maximum potential for the benefit of the sun’s warmth, as well as promoting the natural light. You can always include glass in your front door choice as well.

By making smart choices, using other rustic home images for ideas, and inviting wood into your home, you’ll have a rustic-inspired home in no time!

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