What is it that makes a house cozy? And why is it that some homes are cozier than others? It is well worth noting that while only some people may feel comfortable in a modern style home with minimal furniture and artistic architecture, almost everyone is comfortable when it comes to snuggling in a big blanket in a rustic style home.

Cozy Rustic

Rustic style and the rugged wood and nature-like accents that come with it simply have a way of enticing us to relax and feel at home. There are all sorts of components that make the rustic style the equivalent of cozy – and one doesn’t need a bear skin rug to prove it. The rich complexion of the wood is the basic requirement for a rustic home. Wood isn’t perfect – it is natural. With all the would-be flaws, knots, and color variations that are so often snubbed when people are looking to install new flooring in their homes, or a new wooden door at the front. Rustic designs come together like nothing else, inviting in warmth, comfort, and a sense of being at home with nature.

Perhaps it is this sense that we are closer to nature when surrounded by wood that comes straight from the wild forests that are so often far from our reach. Rustic homes often encourage people to include accents that add to this quality. You’re not likely to see an abstract painting with harsh angles hanging on a wall in a rustic home. Rather, you’ll see a tranquil scene of a young elk sipping from a lake. Or soaring mountains that you could look at for days. These types of architectural designs often include a fireplace, and who wouldn’t be cozy when sitting in front of a merrily crackling fireplace?

This design can also allow for plenty of natural light, so those looking to be a bit greener will be satisfied. Wood can come from reclaimed locations as well as sustainable forests. Windows can be extremely large in order to let in a lot of light, as well as be placed in smart sun-facing areas in order to make the most of the warmth as well.

Rustic Home Exterior

People assume that a rustic style has to resemble a log cabin, but this isn’t true. Architectural styles have come a long way and many have experimented with different designs all while keeping with the overall rustic look. Likewise, people have transformed the interiors of their homes to a mostly rustic setting with different flooring, accents, and doors. The overall effect? A very cozy house that even visitors don’t want to leave!

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