The doors inside of your home deserve just as much consideration as any of the exterior doors. It is always important to remember that the doors within your home can help to keep rooms warm, privacy respected, add to its overall design, and boost the value of your home. There are many different kinds of interior doors, which can make choosing the right one seem difficult. However, knotty alder is an excellent wood to start with, and it may be well worth considering a few of the following doors.

If you’re looking for something simple, then the basic 2-panel top rail arch door can be the ideal choice. It comes in varying thicknesses depending upon your needs, and the alder wood looks stunning. The simple arch design at the top gives it a little extra character that people will notice when they visit. You can have it customized in any number of ways, such as getting a single or double door, hardware colors, and pre-finishing options. When you customize your door, all you need to do is install it and enjoy.

A craftsman 3-panel horizontal door is another equally great choice. It takes its style from craftsman homes, showcasing three separate panel areas for a unique design. As with the top rail arch door, you can choose the thickness, as well as the hardware and pre-finishing options. The multiple choices of stains and glazes that can be used will make your door truly gorgeous. If you don’t want a color, choose a clear coat and enjoy the natural wood color of the alder.

People tend to stick strictly with all-wood doors when it comes to their interior, but you don’t have to. In fact, if you want light to spill over, are seeking a more open feeling, or have a contemporary style home that will do well with a little something different, then 1-lite glass doors are the perfect door. The door is almost entirely made using glass that has been carefully crafted and tested for strength and durability. The glass lite is framed using strong knotty alder wood for a beautiful finish. The glass will help filter light into halls and rooms, providing additional illumination to your home and giving it that more spacious feel and look.

Interior doors can be used to make a statement about your home just as you can use them to enhance your home. In the end, you should love the doors that you have installed in your home, so take some time to consider what new interior doors can bring to your place.

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