There are moments when you see a door and wonder just how its design came about. Why does it look that way? Who decided a particular look was stylish? And then, of course, there is the one thought that might pop in now and then; “Can I get a door that looks like that?”

The craftsman style is one that you may not see often, but you may easily fall in love with it the moment you spot it. Craftsman doors are interesting because of their unexpected design. Like other doors, you may find them in one area of the country more than another. In this case, you can expect to see many a craftsman style door in California.

The origin of the craftsman style door starts in California. They came along with the type of architecture that was becoming popular at the time. This often happens with doors – as the architecture of a home changes, so too does the door. In the case of the craftsman door, it grew popular as the American Craftsman style which began in the late 1800s and continued to be a favorite style well into the 1930s. It grew out of the British Arts and Crafts movement, in which emphasis was placed upon simplicity, natural materials, and the visibility of the crafted work itself. The Victorian design, in which much decoration was emphasized instead, was in decline along with the era itself. The American Craftsman style arose at the same time.

Though you can find craftsman style homes and doors in many cities, they are most prominent in California where the concept gained strong ground and grew powerful roots. People embraced the style and many homes sprang up to echo its design. Since then, it has also become known as the Bungalow style.

Whatever you wish to call it, these homes and their architectural design are always in demand due to their inviting aura and overall appeal. Many were made not only with the craftsman ideals in mind, but also giving quickly growing middle class homes a look that they could be proud of – homes with a little extra design rather than something basic and just like the other homes around it. Craftsman homes, although they share the same overall style, can still be very individualized.

If you are considering a craftsman style home, it can be well worth the time to choose one that is right for you. Already own a home? Then try bringing a bit of craftsman style to your house with a new craftsman style door.

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