Ways to Improve the Look of Your Home Exterior

Looking to upgrade your home? There are all sorts of possibilities. Many people use quick little cosmetic fixes or add in accessories or other changes to help boost the appeal of their home’s exterior. This can range from putting new shutters around the windows to starting up a brand new garden or hanging a lovely … Continued

What is a Craftsman Style Home?

Wondering about purchasing a different home? Or perhaps considering changes to your own and wondering what sort of elements you can incorporate into it from other styles? A craftsman style home is a perfect place to start for a variety of reasons. Craftsman style homes are also known as bungalow homes. They got their start … Continued

Interior Design Tips for Master Bedrooms

Sometimes change is necessary. It can give us fresh perspective or just help us feel more comfortable. A little bit of something different can feel good. After being stuck in the same bedroom for years, perhaps now is a great time to switch a few things around? There are a lot of ways that you … Continued

What is a Timber Frame Home?

Looking to buy a timber frame home, or looking to imitate one? Whatever the case may be, a timber frame home is a beautiful style of home that has entranced many people throughout the years. A timber frame home will remind most people of a cabin in the woods – albeit a rather amazing cabin. … Continued

Characteristics of Craftsman Style Homes

Seeking something quaint to move into? Or perhaps you’re looking to update your current house? There are a lot of different home styles out there that you can check out or even mimic (depending upon the design of your current home). But what should you choose?  If you haven’t yet given a look to craftsman … Continued

Rustic Entry Doors for Timber Frame Homes

Whether you own a home in the woods or simply like the style, a timber frame home is always welcoming and cozy. When you decide to build one or if you need to replace the current door, it is an excellent idea to opt for a rustic entry door that matches the home to the … Continued

Knotty Alder Flat Arch Door Design

Walk into any home repair store and you’ll find dozens of doors awaiting installation.  But many of those doors are typical styles.  Already painted.  Already stained.  The same kind of doors that many of your neighbors are likely to have.  If you want something different, you’ll have to look outside the traditional door locations and … Continued

Wirebrushed Doors

Looking for a little something extra in your next door? How about taking a look into the possibilities of a wirebrushed door? Wire brushing is often done via machine. A wooden door is put through the machine to give it a classic wirebrushed look.  This look is characterized by random tear and depth grooves that … Continued

Adding a Rustic Door to Your Home

Any home can benefit from an excellent-looking door, and if you are looking for something different, there are plenty of options available to you.  Changing the design of your door can help to give your house a little added character and set it apart from the other homes around it. Rustic doors can give your … Continued

A Reclaimed Oak with Alder Door

Today there are many different ways to make your house a more eco-friendly place.  From using greener products to finding ways to make your home energy efficient, it seems almost endless in the changes you can make.  One of these changes is by choosing a reclaimed wood door.  These types of doors are becoming more … Continued