Upgrade Home ExteriorLooking to upgrade your home? There are all sorts of possibilities. Many people use quick little cosmetic fixes or add in accessories or other changes to help boost the appeal of their home’s exterior. This can range from putting new shutters around the windows to starting up a brand new garden or hanging a lovely plant near the front door. But have you ever considered changing up the entire entryway of your home into something brand new?  There are a lot of different ways that you can do so.

Naturally, the first thing to come to mind is the front door itself. A new front door can really change up the look of your home. It is the first thing that people see when they come to your home and will earn plenty of compliments if you choose something that both draws the eye and blends well with your home. Perhaps your current door doesn’t feature windows. A new front door can be made from high quality wood and include numerous glass lites. You can borrow styles from other architectural designs and utilize them to your benefit. Would your home work well with an arched door? Perhaps a door that is primarily glass? Don’t forget about glass style as well.

Exterior Rustic Door

If your front door is already satisfactory, what about adding in sidelites or transoms? A sidelite is a tall and narrow window that is placed beside the door. You can have just one or you can have one on each side. They can let in even more light to your home as well as an additional view outside. They also help the entryway to look wider and more prominent. A transom is a window above the door, which offers much of the same benefits as sidelites. It can be square, arched, or otherwise matched to the structural design of your home, and can still be an option should sidelites not be feasible.

If you simply want to help make your current doorway more prominent without a lot of construction work, then moulding is an excellent answer. Pediment moulding goes above doorways to give them a more outstanding design, and there are dozens of different designs that you can choose. From simple squared styles to more elaborate fashions, pediment moulding may be the perfect answer to improving the look of your home’s exterior.

Consider all of these options and then take a step back and examine your home to decide which might be best for your needs.

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