Looking to buy a timber frame home, or looking to imitate one? Whatever the case may be, a timber frame home is a beautiful style of home that has entranced many people throughout the years.

Timber Frame Home

A timber frame home will remind most people of a cabin in the woods – albeit a rather amazing cabin. Timber frame homes can be different sizes, but many are quite spacious. This is their overall design – to give a person a sense of openness inside of the home. It is called a timber frame home primarily because of all of the exposed timbers that can be seen – both inside and outside of the home. It is not the first design to do so – as Tudor homes have shown for centuries.

Timber frame homes give one a sense of rustic beauty. They will often feature steep roofs to help deal with snowfall, can include large windows to let in a lot of light, showcase hardwood floors that may or may not be decorated with rugs, and will also often feature stonework as well. The stonework can be a part of the house or simply be part of a prominent feature such as a fireplace.

Upgrade Home ExteriorIf you were to search for images of timber frame homes online, you would quickly see a lot of similar pictures. Homes with golden or richly colored timbers throughout the home, vaulting up into the high ceilings, well-lit rooms from either sun or warm lighting, a hearty fireplace, rustic flooring, and more. It’s quite hard not to fall in love with a timber frame house, especially those who love wood or who would love to live in the woods. You will primarily find these homes in mountainous areas due to their style, but that doesn’t mean a smaller one can’t be built elsewhere. However, it is important to consider that a particular home style is often built to suit a particular climate or area. This is why a timber frame home would be more awkward and out of place in a desert area, for example. There would be no need for the fireplace, and the expanse of windows might be detrimental to attempts to cool the home.

Imitating a timber frame home within your current house can be a challenge. This is because the designs are quite likely to be drastically different from one another. There are so many elements of a timber frame home that you can incorporate into your current home. You may be able to start with doors, or you may be able to launch right into a brand new flooring project.

Chances are if you don’t have a timber frame home, you probably would love to have one now!

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