Knotty Alder Flat Arch DoorWalk into any home repair store and you’ll find dozens of doors awaiting installation.  But many of those doors are typical styles.  Already painted.  Already stained.  The same kind of doors that many of your neighbors are likely to have.  If you want something different, you’ll have to look outside the traditional door locations and instead check out places that deal exclusively in doors.  It is at these places that you’ll find stunning doors like the Knotty Alder flat arch door.

This door is carefully crafted out of Knotty Alder wood, which gives it a rich yet rustic look, perfect for homes in the great outdoors or houses that need a natural look.  It features wide sidelites so it has a more substantial look.  The wood itself is absolutely gorgeous and features dark knots here and there which only serve to add even more character.  The soft arch at the top is inviting to all those who stand in front of the door, and you’ll likely see it with a special panel-within-a-panel design.  This type of design is meant to help give the door more depth and add to its beauty.

When this door is set in a home that is located within a rustic area, it looks amazing.  It works equally well with homes made of wood or made with stone.  It doesn’t have to just be a front door or outside door either.  Alder Flat Arch DoorWhile it can be fun to show off the beauty of this door, you can always include the Knotty Alder flat arch door design within your home.  If you have a room or two that deserves the high quality this door can offer, then by all means take measurements and let the door distributor know exactly what you want from the door.

Start examining your home today to see if a Knotty Alder door is right for your home.  It can be an excellent choice and you can use it in all its original glory.  The natural color of the wood is amazing, but if you like you can always stain it or give it a light coat of paint.  Most people who install Knotty Alder doors, however, prefer to leave it in its normal form, as it looks best and most natural this way.  Now your biggest choice will be – just one door, or should you start to consider more than one Knotty Alder arch door design.  After all, it’s hard to ignore a door that is so lovely!

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