Today there are many different ways to make your house a more eco-friendly place.  From using greener products to finding ways to make your home energy efficient, it seems almost endless in the changes you can make.  One of these changes is by choosing a reclaimed wood door.  These types of doors are becoming more and more popular for people looking to own gorgeous wood doors but still wanting to be eco-friendly.

A reclaimed wood door is a door that is made from wood that comes not from freshly cut down trees, but instead from buildings and other things that used to be made of wood.  An old barn that is weathered and can no longer be of use can still have wooden planks that can be used to make a door.  This is why they are called reclaimed wood doors.  The wood has been reused to create something brand new.

You may want to choose a reclaimed oak with alder door.  There are plenty of excellent combinations out there, and oak with alder can give your home a pristine look.  The wood chosen is still going to be strong and will also be given treatments just like regular doors to ensure that they remain so for many years to come.  The colors of the wood may still have their original look, but it is also possible that they will be weathered and include all sorts of marks that indicate their past life.  Oak with alder can host these same characteristics.  It gives the wood something extra that you won’t find in any other wooden doors – even if they’ve been weathered by hand.  There are simply too many ways that reclaimed wood doors become unique for humans to mimic.

Start looking for a reclaimed oak with alder door and you should find some excellent examples of doors you could have.  There are dozens of combinations that can be used with the oak and alder as well.  You may have a door that features alder wood for the outer components and oak for the inner panels.  It may be the opposite.  There may be a combination design where wood panels alternate.  These doors can give your home a wonderfully rustic look, perfect if that is the style you are aiming for!  Now you can show off a stunning door to all your friends and be earth-friendly all at the same time.

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