Wondering about purchasing a different home? Or perhaps considering changes to your own and wondering what sort of elements you can incorporate into it from other styles? A craftsman style home is a perfect place to start for a variety of reasons.

Craftsman style homes are also known as bungalow homes. They got their start in California and have since expanded throughout the rest of the country. The exterior of a craftsman style home typically features exposed rafters and beams that are most often seen just beneath the roof, and large porches that have tapered pillars. These homes are also typically one and a half stories high, though they can be built as single-story homes or two-story homes.

When you step inside of a craftsman style home, you may notice a surprising lack of walls. Indeed, there are few hallways inside of a craftsman home, with the living room acting as the center of activity and other rooms branching off of that. So you may walk in to see an open space that includes the living room, dining room, and kitchen. That does not by any means indicate that the house is cramped. Rather, the area is quite spacious in order to allow for this nice flow and sense of openness. You will also see more exposed beams in the ceiling.  Plenty of wood will be had with a craftsman house, with simple moulding and doors, and wide plank flooring.

Shopping for a craftsman style home? Simply tell your realtor and he or she should know exactly what you’re talking about and be able to let you know if there are any in the area you are currently shopping. Craftsman houses can be found in numerous locations today due to their overall appeal, but they are still primarily in some places (such as their place of origin, California) and not others (such as mountainous areas).

If your current house features hallways and more enclosed spaces, it probably isn’t very practical for you to start knocking down walls. Homes are all built in specific ways and can’t always be made to imitate another. But you can do small things, such as imitate the front door. Craftsman style doors can be ordered up from a good manufacturer and given the details you want, whether you wish to include glass, how much, and so forth.

No matter how you look at it, craftsman style homes are quite attractive, precisely why they are still around today.

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